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About Archie's Mole Control Ltd.

The Story Behind Our Mole Control Service

Paul and I have recently taken over Archie "The Mole Guy", as Archie and his wife have decided to retire.  Congratulations to Archie and Carol!  We promise to take care of your "baby"!

We are happy to continue their business with the service and dedication that Archie has provided over the years.  Starting out small, Archie's Mole Control has become the go-to mole control service for the Eastern Fraser Valley.  While residential neighborhoods are our priority, Archie's Mole Control will be available for the larger locations that have not been serviced in the past.

Since 2000, Archie has built a reputation of reliability and value with a commitment to meet the expectations of the clients.  We vow to maintain and improve upon what Archie has created.

We look forward to meeting you and continuing to build our relationships and reputation in the Fraser Valley.

Carla Inglis & Paul Atsma

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